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Part funded by the Surrey Hills LEADER Grant - a rural grant scheme for farmers, foresters, rural businesses, rural enterprises and rural communities in Surrey.

Specialist Herb Growers - Pepperpot Nursery


Any herbs showing as available to order are ready now and will be despatched as a complete order within 3 working days

In 2016 we moved the nursery from the Surrey Hills to Hampshire and are now based on the outskirts of Chawton in the South Downs National Park. We only grow on a seasonal basis, without the use of artificial heat or light, so our range changes throughout the year and is the reason why some herbs show as being 'out of stock' - they're either still growing or not being grown at the minute because of the time of year.

The nursery is named after the landmark Pepperpot building in the centre of Godalming; the town where we lived when we first started growing our herbs.

•   Specialist herb nursery - all grown by us.

•   Garden herb plants - all of the herbs are in 9cm pots

•   Delivery to the UK Mainland - see ORDERS tab for more info
Buy garden herb plants
Supplying herb plants to retailers, garden centres and the general publicEstablished in 1998, we have expanded from initially supplying garden centre customers throughout the South East to also selling direct at local Farmers’ Markets and Garden Shows.

However, after numerous requests from customers wanting to buy directly from us, but unable to get to a retail event that we're attending, or for those who want to buy during the times when we don’t attend any markets or shows, we are now able to offer a mail order service to customers throughout the UK Mainland.

All of the Herbs in our online catalogue are currently supplied in 9cm pots.
Independent and RHS Garden Shows, Festivals, Farmers' Markets, Nursery and Herb Events.

We have been incredibly since starting the move of the nursery to the new site and although there are still a few things to finish off, we are all set up and trading fully from Hampshire. There was a huge amount of work involved in changing it from a field previously used for grazing, we had to install water and electric, an access road, put up the polytunnels and other structures and then finally move the herbs.

We continue to supply lots of garden centres, nurseries, landscapers, florists, restaurants, gardens and other outlets whilst also selling at a range of events at the weekends during the main gardening season - all details are listed below.

Click on the photo, above right, to get ideas and inspiration from the wonderful planting in the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, Gold Medal winning, 5 a Day Garden by Burgon and Ball where we supplied edible flowers, salad leaves, herbs and chamomile plants.

Farmers' Markets, Garden Shows and Events: Where to find us!
Apologies, we have no retail events left this year but you're more than welcome to pop in to the nursery - just check that we'll be there first as we finally have the opportunity to go on holiday as the season slows down!

Farmers' Markets, Garden Shows and Events: Where to find us!

Best Selling Items

Rosemary Herb Plants

Rosemary Herb Plants


Rosmarinus officinalis

Perennial. Ht 1 - 2m. A fragrant evergreen shrub with needle like aromatic leaves. Pale blue flowers in the Summer attract bees to the garden. Great for borders, coastal gardens or wildlife gardens. Suitable for a moist, sunny, free drained soil in a sunny spot.
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Mint Pineapple Herb Plants

Mint Pineapple Herb Plants


Pineapple Mint
Mentha suaveolens Variegata

Perennial. Ht 60cm. A popular, perennial, culinary herb which produces green/white variegated apple scented leaves but seldom flowers. Plant in a moist, well drained soil in full sun or partial shade and add to fruit salad.
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Rosemary Green Ginger Herb Plants

Rosemary Green Ginger Herb Plants


Green Ginger Rosemary
Rosmarinus officinalis 'Green Ginger'

Perennial. Ht up to 60cm. An aromatic, evergreen, perennial shrub. Ginger scented leaves, good upright, compact habit. Pale blue flowers in Spring. Suitable for a sheltered position in sun or partial shade. Ideal on light sandy or chalky soil. Ideal for tubs and pots. Great culinary flavour with meat, fish, eggs, cheese, jams, jellies, biscuits and fruit salad. Good digestive properties.
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