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Why choose Pepperpot Nursery?

Having planned to open a nursery for many years, Neil initially set it up on a green field site near Farnham in 1998. Having studied commercial horticulture at Hadlow College in Kent and then spending a further three years completing the Kew Diploma with Honours at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, whilst also studying for the Master of Horticulture RHS examinations, he now has over 30 years of experience within the horticultural industry. Catherine joined him full time in 2000 and there's a team of both permanent and returning seasonal workers who help to grow the herbs too.
We believe that the quality of the herbs we grow is second to none and this has been reflected in the feedback that we receive from our many customers in the retail and wholesale sectors.

Because we know and understand plants and are specialists at growing herbs, the plants are sold in peak condition with a healthy root system and balanced top growth: perfect for cutting and using or growing on in the garden or on the kitchen windowsill.

We use traditional growing methods; all of our herbs are grown without the use of any artificial heat or light in order to replicate the conditions they will find in their new home with you and to ensure successful growing on.
Specialists at growing herbs using traditional methods
The seeds and cuttings are raised in our propagation section before growing on under cold polythene. This allows the flavours to develop and intensify naturally and means that all of our herbs are seasonal and hardened for the particular time of year that they are supplied in; and is the reason why you won’t find us supplying tender herbs like Basil in the colder months.

We grow over 250 different varieties during the year, please check the website regularly for availability or contact us if you're looking for something that's not listed - not everything has made it onto the website yet!
Buy from a British Grower and think about plant miles - did you know that around 50% of plants for sale within the UK have been imported?
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