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Growing Guide

Guide to growing Herb Plants

Our herbs are grown in a variety of ways: from seed, various cutting techniques or division.
Most herbs will grow happily in a range of different soils but perform best in soils that simulate their native habitat. Rosemarys, Lavenders, Sages and Thymes are Mediterranean and thrive in full sun and scrub soils whilst plants like Mints prefer damp soils and shade. As a general rule, those with small needle shaped or grey foliage prefer a dry sunny position whilst those with larger leaves don’t mind living in a position with more damp and shade, but to be sure, our labels provide specific care instructions and tips.Herb plant specialists
Herb plants grown from seed, cuttings or division Herbs also thrive in raised beds and planted containers; combining particularly well with terracotta. For these we would recommend filling with a mixture of John Innes No 2 and some garden soil, as this will provide good drainage in wet conditions and some water retention during dry periods.

If you do not have a garden, herbs can be grown successfully on a windowsill if turned regularly for even light distribution.

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